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Privacy Policy


Nakashima Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and shall acknowledge that it is our important social responsibility to handle in an appropriate manner information which can identify you including your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, and also information on the history of services provided, details of your inquiries and other such pertinent information (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information"). In this regard, we shall stipulate a basic policy pertaining to the protection of Personal Information as follows.

Purpose of using Personal Information

The Company shall not use the Personal Information obtained beyond the scope of the purpose of use without obtaining your consent in advance. Personal Information obtained by the Company shall be used for the following purposes:
- To provide, upon your consent, information regarding sales matters to which the Company refers;
- To utilize as a reference material for measures to improve the level of customer satisfaction;
- To address your inquiries quickly, and provide the best possible service;
- To take action on the basis of legal provisions or notifications/instructions given by administrative authorities.

Information that will be automatically obtained when you access this website

When you access to this website, the following information shall be obtained automatically. However, this information is only statistical data that the Company will use to monitor the situation objectively and cannot identify an individual.
■ Number of accesses:
Number of accesses to this website by month, by date, by time, and by day of the week.
■ Link source address:
Source address of a link in cases where this website was accessed via a link from another website.
■ Platform Operation System (OS):
The type and version of the OS installed on the accessing computer.
■ Browser (Internet browsing software):
The type and version of the browser installed on the accessing computer.
■ About the use of cookies:
his website may use cookies in order to provide advanced services. Cookies allow you to use the contents of the website more conveniently when you use this website again, and do not infringe on your privacy nor give any adverse effects on your computer. You may select to reject receiving any cookies or to display a notification when cookies are about to be sent by configuring the Internet browsing software. However, these configurations may hinder the comfortable use of this website.
■ About the links to other websites:
This website contains links to other websites. With regard to the protection of Personal Information and other policies in the link destinations, please confirm them on the linked websites. The Company shall assume no responsibility regarding the management of Personal Information collection done by the linked website.
■ Management of Personal Information:
The Company shall take appropriate safety measures to prevent unauthorized accesses to Personal Information, loss, damage, falsification, leakage or other risks pertaining to Personal Information. In addition, the Company shall strive in educational activities for the protection of Personal Information, which are intended for employees and other members of the Company who handle Personal Information. Requests to disclose Personal Information, etc. The Company shall take action immediately to a reasonable extent with regard to requests for disclosure, amendment, deletion, or suspension of use of Personal Information when you inquire about it with our point of contact.
■ Continuous improvements regarding the handling of Personal Information:
The Company shall review matters regarding the handling of Personal Information in keeping with developments in information technologies and changes in social needs, and shall endeavor to continuously improve ways to handle your Personal Information.


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