Design and manufacturing of automated machines, specialized machines, bender die bases, jigs, and tools.
High-precision technological skills, engineering and product development skills, design skills. Nakashima Limited.

Supporting the future and Japan’s tomorrow Our responsibility and pride
Our company got its start processing parts using one general-purpose milling cutter at a leased factory in Toyoake City, Aichi Prefecture, in 1978. Although we faced the crises of the Great Recession caused by subprime mortgages, we pulled through, and, thanks to all those who supported us, have grown into a company that handles design, construction, and everything in between, making a wide and diverse range of automated and specialized machines. A specialized machine does not only need to be good in the eyes of the ones who make it. Good machines can only be made by building into them the hopes of both makers and users. We do not just make things at random. We make things because they are worth making. Thanks to this style of manufacturing, we are able to build up our skills and technology one step at a time, and, under the motto of “Harmony,” which has been our philosophy since our founding, we strive to be a company that contributes to society. We hope that we can continue to make Nakashima Brand products assembled from the framework that is our skills and technology.
Nakashima Limited Representative Director Motoki Nakashima
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●Head office
Shinzayama 1-757, Sakae-cho, Toyoake City, Aichi Prefecture, 470-1161, Japan


●Nesaki Factory
Nesaki 38-2, Sakae-cho, Toyoake City, Aichi Prefecture, 470-1161, Japan


Founded December 1, 1978
Representative Representative Director Motoki Nakashima
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Facilities Headquarters: 2,969 m2 (Factory: 1,100 m2; Offices, design, cafeteria: 576 m2)
Nesaki Factory: 2,800 m2 (Factory: 1,380 m2; Offices, cafeteria: 186 m2)
Number of employees 85
Business activities Design and manufacturing of automobiles, specialized machines, bender die bases, jigs, and tools
Sales 2,500,000,000 yen
ISO certification ISO 9001: Registration certificate number 13466-A
ISO 14001: Registration certificate number 13466-B
Is the Intertek Certification Co., Ltd. is the certification body of the UKAS accreditation (certification number 014)
Policy document of this year
ISO Authentication 9001:2015
ISO Authentication 14001:2015
Primary suppliers Aisin Corporation, Ltd. / TOYOTA BOUSHOKU CORPORATION / Shiroki Corporation / NGK Insulators, Ltd.
Primary financing banks Okazaki Shinkin Bank, Toyoake Branch / Aichi Bank, Toyoake Branch /
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Arimatsu Branch / Japan Finance Corporation, Nagoya Branch
●Indiana office
2396W,Norcross Dr.Suite A
Columbus, IN 47201


Founded March, 2018
Representative Representative Director Motoki Nakashima
Capital $1,650,000
Facilities Headquarters: 450 m2 (Offices: 78 m2)
Number of employees 5
Business activities Design and manufacturing of automobiles, specialized machines, bender die bases, jigs, and tools
Sales 300,000,000yen
Primary suppliers Aisin USA
Primary financing banks Fifth Third Bank
●Vietnam office
Lot B_6D9_CN, NE5A&MyDE5
road, My Phuoc Industrial Park 3,
Ben Cat town, Binh Duong province.


Founded February, 2014
Representative Representative Director Toyotarou Nakaizumi
Capital $1,400,000
Facilities Headquarters: 10,000 m2 (Factory: 480 m2; Offices: 96 m2)
Number of employees 15
Business activities Jig and tool parts processing
Sales 70,000,000yen
Primary financing banks Vietcombank
December 1978 ounded in Ano-cho, Toyoake City for processing parts, chiefly using a milling cutter
April 1983 Nakashima Works, Co., Ltd. founded with 5 million yen in capital
March 1985 Factory moved to new building in Misaki-cho, Toyoake City (Headquarters First Factory)
September 1988 Factory expanded in Misaki-cho, Toyoaki City (Headquarters First Factory)
October 1988 Numerically controlled (NC) milling cutters introduced as the first step in making the facilities more numerically controlled
June 1990 Processing factory built in Misaki-cho, Toyoake City (Headquarters Second Factory)
March 1992 Offices built in Misaki-cho, Toyoake City (Headquarters Offices)
November 1992 Capital increased to 10 million yen
June 1993 Electrical Department founded
November 1994 2D CAD introduced in the Design Department
September 1996 Entered the bender business
April 1997 Third Factory (Miyoshi Factory) built in Miyoshi Town, Nishikamo County
May 1997 3D CAD/CAM introduced in Design Department and Machining Center expanded following this introduction
September 2003 Entire company moved to new buildings in Shinzayama Industrial Park in Toyoake City. Company name changed from Nakashima Works, Co., Ltd. to Nakashima Limited Following the transfer of the entire company, NC lathes with wire cutters and milling, and a horizontal machining center introduced
July 2006 Nagashima Indiana founded in Columbus, Indiana, USA
May 2013 Nesaki Factory built in Sakae-cho, Toyoake City
February 2014 Nagashima Vietnam founded in My Phuoc, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
November 2014 Nagashima Vietnam Factory built
February 2016 ISO 9001, 14001 acquired
August 2016 Setsuo Nakashima becomes chairperson. Motoki Nakashima becomes CEO
March 2018 ISO 9001, 14001 shifted to 2015 edition
May 2018 Nagashima Vietnam Factory.2 built
January 2020 Formulating a training program for consistent internal education
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